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We are building a social media environment where users manage content and strategic algorithms accurately illustrate the subject matter visually through all available sources. A place where the public consumes, discusses, validates and grades news and sources of information. Publicly available data is collectively analyzed to identify facts that matter, news reports that don’t matter and the difference between inference and misinformation cover-ups repeatedly published through syndication as disinformation to influence public opinion and mislead consumers.

To demonstrate and highlight in their words, the true underlying character of people in the public eye by stripping away the sugar coated propaganda of organized media, propagandist and celebrities. We’ll also establish the first “People’s Oscar’s” where the public votes on the quality of entertainment and the character of the actors.

Visually represent top news stories through multiple sources that initiate, validate and extend or improve content to and through its full extent by illustrating the entire story as it developed – including and publicly exposing fraud published by media organizations and special interest.

for example: The Trump-Russia Collusion story neither started nor ended with Russian collusion.

The beginning of the story starts with the Clinton Campaign, a sitting President (Obama/Biden) and several Businesses of State (DOJ, FBI, FISA Court, etc.) colluding to spy on the Trump Presidential Campaign ( Watergate 2.0 -D version ) in an effort to cover-up crimes committed in and by the same Government Officials, Offices and Agencies. The current end of the Story-Line is two fraudulent impeachments, appearances of election fraud and false accusations of insurrection by the same…

Trump-Russia Collusion has not seen the end of the story. Inasmuch, it’s a continuing ‘work in progress’ that currently suggests ‘corruption throughout the American System of Governments’

Individually, hundreds of news stories are required to complete this big picture accurately and factually. Each story providing pebbles of information that readers must consume and assemble in an objective orderly manner before the ‘Big Picture Story™’ can be conceptualized and visualized. It took two (2) years or more to identify the closest beginning of this story and how that was secretly and directly tied to Trump-Russia assertions made by Elected Politicians and Media.

Fragmentation and repetition of the news makes it increasingly difficult to comprehend important news content that unfolds over long periods of time. The complete Trump-Russia Collusion story unfolded over five (5) years and continues to develop. Several years after a significant portion of the American population had already drawn their conclusions based on pieces of ‘inference’ rather than the ‘Facts That Mattered’. Information that wouldn’t be uncovered until years later when consumers were already shell shocked on the subject matter.

TRON USERS provide this big picture through interactive validations whether the latest news is the first piece in the Story-Line (i.e. Clinton) or supports and authenticates other pieces of the story. The story won’t die or get buried at TRON. It continues to be a collection of actions and developments as information becomes publicly available.

Original reports, publishers and journalist who “Scoop” news content are accredited for accuracy, fallacies and even on subject matter knowledge, the absence of sources and the inference of a story that doesn’t exist. We believe these metrics should be one of the major gauges by which marketers measure the real value proposition of where they place digital advertising.

TRON Visualized News™ is where consumers will go for access to the entire story, summarized through accessible original reporting and the consensus of a collective user base that interactively collaborates to prioritize content.

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