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Crowd Funded & Managed

Crowd funding offers an opportunity to avoid the external influences imposed by deep pocket investors who supported the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Amazon and EBay. Those who used their business and private funds to influence politics, elections and public knowledge.

We are weighing the option of Crowd Funding the Social Media Platform by offering a mix of subscription plans and paid options that will eliminate unfriendly and useless advertisements along with the tracking and sale of user data, said Eddie Ruisch of TRON.

Tron is seeking public interest in an effort that would raise as much as $35,000,000 to launch the platform by offering 100,000 lifetime subscriptions for $350, annual subscriptions that range in price from $15 (basic) to $75 (advanced) with options for business and professionals in addition to a limited number of secure email accounts at an annual rate of $59.

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