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Social media users are often restricted by terms, conditions, personal and group think policies that defy the very fabric of freedom of speech championed by so many in media. If its not a violation of perpetually changing policies, its a private company under the advice and direction of individuals with objectives that contrast with the very foundation of intellectually advance societies or individuals and hit-groups advancing the obstruction of content that matters.

Social Media Powering Intellectual Awareness



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Power Up Your Digital Advertising

TRON Content Delivery Solutions puts the Power of Advertising to Work.

Advertising content delivery in today’s digital world is viewed by less than 15% of the consumers it reaches. Potential buyers and any branding efforts are drowned out by block-noise and dead-load pages. Diminished further by the misalignment current arbitrary content to viewer delivery models offer.

TRON Content Delivery Solutions promise an 85% accuracy rate. Advanced delivery solutions that eliminate the necessity of isolated ecosystem and content clearinghouse websites.

TCDS empowers both advertisers and consumers by eliminating the limitations and restrictions encountered by applying old world advertising methods in the new world of digital delivery.

TRON Content Delivery Solutions


The Missing Link between Advertisers and Consumers
Changing the Advertising Landscape with Responsive Infrastructures


Two things hold true about the industry, its a moving target under the tight control of a very few.

Music & Entertainment
Innovative Distribution

Industry has controlled the type of music produced since the early days of recording. Outside a few exceptions to disco and punk-rock, interest and demand in previous genre’s never did dropped off a cliff – not even for disco and punk-rock. The music industry simply dropped it – at their own loss of revenue.

Advance delivery solutions for music and video productions empowers the artist. TRON completely discards old business models to disrupt both production and marketing of entertainment content. Artist no longer need the backing of big money producers that will leave them with less than 12% of revenue off their hard work.

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